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Trinity High School is proud of its reputation for the wearing of school uniform which has been earned over a long period of time. Wearing of school uniform is supported by the vast majority of the school community as shown by the extensive survey of pupil, student, parent and staff opinion previously undertaken which resulted in the current school uniform being introduced. Consequently, it is expected that all pupils wear school uniform.

Renfrewshire Council encourages each school to adopt a dress code after discussion with parents, pupils and the parent council. The council supports an agreed dress code because of the benefits it brings, including improvements in safety, security, discipline, ethos, community spirit and a decrease in bullying and expense for parents.

Some types of clothing will not be allowed in school for reasons of safety, decency or indiscipline. Types of clothing which will not be allowed include:

  • clothes which are a health or safety risk;
  • clothes which may damage the school building;
  • clothes which may provoke other pupils;
  • clothes which are offensive or indecent; and
  • clothes which encourage the use of alcohol or tobacco.

Pupils will not be deprived of education, any benefit or access to examinations because of not wearing school uniform.

In the interests of health and safety, of both individual and others present, all jewellery, including body jewellery, must be removed before taking part in physical education lessons or physical activities.

Grants for footwear and clothing for children are available to parents receiving certain benefits. Please see the council’s website:

Please help the school and the education authority by making sure that pupils do not bring valuable or expensive items of clothing to school. The council has no insurance to cover the loss of valuable items.


BOYS                                                                         GIRLS

Black dress trousers                                                Black skirt or dress trousers

White shirt                                                                 White shirt

Black jumper                                                             Black jumper

* School tie (S1 – S3 Green)                                  * School tie (S1 – S3 Green)

*Or Senior Phase tie (S4/5 Blue)                          *Or Senior Phase tie (S4/5 Blue)

*Or S6 Tie                                                                 *Or S6 Tie


*May be purchased from the school.guards

Students in the Senior School are also encouraged to wear School Blazers which are supplied by an appointed provider in School.

Denim, trainers, non dress trousers and tops which carry brand names or are not in school colours are not permitted.

Stockists: Any major stockists.

Please encourage your child to wear uniform throughout their stay in Trinity High School particularly as they get older when they may have considerable influence on younger children in the school.  Our uniform has been agreed after previous extensive consultation with parents, pupils and staff hence our determination to ensure standards of uniform remain high.  This has also led to the re-introduction of Blazers for students which has proved popular.

Home Economics Clothing

An apron is supplied by the Home Economics Department.

Physical Education Kit

BOYS                                                                         GIRLS

White shorts                                                              Navy/black shorts

Sky blue polo top                                                     White top

White sports socks                                                  White sports socks

Training shoes                                                         Training shoes

Black/Navy Tracksuit Trousers                              Black/Navy Tracksuit Trousers

Shinguards                                                               Shinguards

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