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Young Minds Guide (PDF)

Young Minds & Choices for Life

We know that the risks posed to health and wellbeing by substance misuse among young people are of concern to many parents. We normally cover these topics as part of our Personal and Social Education curriculum in school, however in this section of our website, we’d like to provide useful information for parents who may wish to discuss these issues with their child or who may be looking for advice and support. In the first instance, there is lots of helpful information available for parents as well as advice on how to open up these topics of conversation with your child, contained in this guide produced by the Young Minds organisation.

Young Scot’s ‘Choices for Life’ aims to raise awareness amongst young people aged 11-18, about the dangers of smoking, alcohol and drugs as well as online safety and information on how to deal with negative peer pressure.

Further guidance and advice is available from the Young Minds and Choices for Life websites.

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Talk to Frank

Our community Police Officers also keep us up-to-date with current trends in the community and any local concerns they have for young people as part of their partnership working with Health and Education colleagues. One of the of the recent trends they are raising awareness of is the growing popularity of Nitrous Oxide gas cannisters.  These are small cannisters which hold ‘laughing gas’ which when inhaled can give the taker a high but can also have serious side effects.  There have been a few reports of these cannisters being found discarded around the Renfrewshire area and they are easily purchased via the internet.  We have attached a photo to raise awareness among parents and have included a link to the website ‘Talk to Frank’ which explains the effects and dangers of this substance.

image of nitrous oxide cannisters
Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) cannisters
talk to frank image link

Local Supports

RADAR (Renfrewshire Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Resource

RADAR (Renfrewshire Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Resource) help young people aged 12-20 whose alcohol and/or drug use is having an impact on their wellbeing.

Click here for more information regarding their servicereferral form and RADAR contacts for schools.

National Supports

Fearless – Crimestoppers youth programme for young people aged 11+

If a young person knows or suspects someone who is selling drugs or exploiting young people in your community, they can #BeFearless in speaking up 100% anonymously at

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