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Trinity High School operates a Vertical system within Pastoral Support. This means that every member of the Pastoral Support Team has pupils from every year group.  This allows all members of the Pastoral Support Team to focus on a specific issue with a particular year group in a concentrated period of time. The vertical approach also allows one member of the Pastoral Support Team to be responsible for all children in one family group.


  • Care for the welfare of your child while at school;
  • Provide pupils with on-going Pastoral, Vocational and Curricular support throughout their school career;
  • Promote a two way communication link between school and home;
  • Promote a Catholic Ethos.


St. Ambrose House:
Mr McInnes

St. Joseph House:
Mrs Ingleston
Miss McGuigan

St. Nicholas House:
Mrs Todesco


Mrs Renfrew (HT)

Mrs Goldie (Acting DHT S1)

Mr Nairn (Acting DHT S1 & S2)

Miss Parker (DHT, S3 & S4)

Mrs Walker (DHT, S5 & S6)

Mr MacDonald (Business Manager)


In addition to promoted Pastoral Support staff, our Home Link staff – Mr Bruce and Mrs Brown – provide much welcome additional support for identified pupils.


An integral part of the administration and record keeping that both informs and enhances Pastoral Support in Trinity High School comes from class teachers.  The ongoing commitment to monitoring timekeeping and attendance, allied to a willingness to do our best for pupils on the part of staff who carry out these duties and has ensured that First Level Pastoral Support in Trinity High contributes to care for pupils in a most effective way. The accuracy of information in reports to parents or panels is an essential aspect of supporting the school’s case.

If your Pastoral Teacher has returned your personal statement to you then this power point may have some helpful tips on how to improve your application.

UCAS Personal Statement S6 SE

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