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There is no doubt that the community of Trinity High School places great emphasis on the need for teacher-pupil consultation and is aware of the resultant benefits of this. Consequently, the following procedures will be adhered to in order to allow effective communication and dissemination of Council discussions.

Elections for Pupil Council Representatives for each Year Group will take place at the start of each session. These elections will be coordinated by the DHT responsible for Pupil Voice.

The DHT will ensure that Council Meetings for each year group will take place in the same week. Time will be provided in SE/RE classes for discussion. This will ensure that effective consultation is taking place. In addition nominated Year captains will meet with DHT to discuss issues raised at Council Meetings.

Once the council is in place, there will be regular, properly constituted meetings with set agenda and minutes. These will be coordinated by volunteer staff members that will support the discussions of the pupil council. Minutes will be published and displayed on the Trinity Youth Voice Noticeboard and disseminated to all council representatives, Pastoral Staff and SMT. There is also a ‘Suggestion Box’ beside the Noticeboard so that pupils can give suggestions or raise an issue at any other time. This box will be emptied weekly and relevant items added to the agenda for the next scheduled meeting.

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