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Parents are free, and indeed welcome, at any time to come and see a Guidance Teacher to discuss their child, but they are requested to contact the school first to ensure that the teacher is free to see them.

Formal parents’ evenings are held during the year to allow parents to consult their children’s teachers. While dates are not fixed until much later. It is our usual practice to hold these meetings at the following times in the session:

  • S1 November
  • S2 January
  • S3 October
  • S4 November
  • S5/6 February

In addition to the above we operate a Tracking system whereby parents of pupils who are not working/achieving will be informed of issues of concern at an appropriate stage and offered an opportunity to visit the school to discuss matters in more detail.

Parents are kept generally aware of the work of the school by a termly newsletter (which goes to the parents of all Primary 7 pupils also) and by a regular flow of letters and notices from the school, as well as special meetings arranged by senior staff to discuss matters relating to attendance, work, study, etc. Trinity High Twitter address is @Trinityrenfrew.

Report to Parents

Parents are entitled to be kept informed of their children’s progress and so, in addition to a parents’ evening for each year group, a report is prepared for each pupil once a year. The dates of issue of the reports and the parents’ evenings are deliberately kept a few months apart, so that parents get effectively two separate and well spaced out assessments of progress. Reports will normally review progress to date, identify strengths and weaknesses and suggest areas for pupils to concentrate on. Full Progress Reports for all pupils/students are generally issued as follows:

  • S1 – May
  • S2 – December
  • S3 – January
  • S4 – February
  • S5/6 – March

Letters of praise may also be issued and the School has a well established programme for ‘Recognising Achievement’ for all pupils/students from S1 to S6.

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