Working With Others


Essential skills

In general, working with others relies on your ability to work co-operatively with other people to take forward and achieve shared goals.

This involves:

  • discussing;
  • negotiating;
  • being flexible;
  • taking on roles;
  • setting and meeting targets together.

People who can work well with others are team players: they play an active part in tasks involving teamwork , working co-operatively and giving their best to achieve the goals shared by the team.

Team players:

    • don’t try to do things all by themselves, or only contribute when they feel like it;
    • know their roles and know what they can offer best;
    • know their own limitations and development needs and work on these so that they can further strengthen the part they play in contributing effectively.
Employers look for you to have the right attitudes and skills in working with others because being a team player is important in almost every job.

Courses whose Top Three Skills include Working With Others

Art and Design, Community Involvement, Design and Manufacture, ESOL, French, Italian, Personal Development, Photography, Physical Education, Religious Education, Sports Leadership.

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