Physical co-ordination and movement

Not only P.E.

sportsThis involves skills used in actions and movement.

These skills include:

  • balance;
  • rhythm;
  • being able to perform a series of actions;
  • hand-eye co-ordination;
  • how you judge your movement to the space around you.

P.E. may seem the most obvious subject where you have opportunities to consider these skills, however, Art, Home Economics, Music and Technical also help you develop your skills of co-ordination and movement. Many after school clubs include activities that help you practise and develop these skills.

Alongside benefitting your physical health and wellbeing, activities that develop your skills in physical co-ordination and movement increase your employability:

  • many jobs involve using the different skills outlined above;
  • taking part in these activities often gives you experience using equipment;
  • taking part in these activities shows that you can observe Health and Safety regulations;
  • such activities often involve teamwork and partnership working, improving your skills in Working With Others and Leadership.

Courses whose Top Three Skills include Phsical Co-ordination and Movement

Music, Physical Education, Sports Leadership.