Personal Management

Organisation, Organisation, Organisation

Managing the different aspects of your life is a skill in itself.  It requires you to show initiative and take responsibility for yourself, your actions and your progress towards your targets.  How organised you are has a huge influence on how successfully you achieve these things.

organisaitonHow you manage time can be the difference between achieving goals or not.  People with Personal Management skills can:

  • judge how much time is needed (e.g. to meet a deadline);
  • stick to their plans;
  • organise the time they spend on tasks so they have enough time (and energy!) for other activities.

This can be as simple as:

  • going to bed early enough to get a proper rest;
  • setting your alarm to get up in plenty of time for school;
  • having your uniform ready before you go to bed;
  • packing your bag the night before for next day’s lessons.

When it comes to exams, someone with good Personal Management skills will:

  • make a revision plan;
  • organise their time and resources to be able to revise at suitable times;
  • prioritise what they need to focus on;
  • plan their study to leave some time for breaks and relaxing activities (“work/life balance”).


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