Methods of Recruitment

Advertising and Recruiting

Employers use many different means of advertising vacancies and recruiting new employees.

To advertise, they often use one – or a combination – of the following:

  • newspapers

  • radio

  • specialist magazines

  • recruitment agencies

  • job centres

  • the internet

  • shop windows

  • staff notice boards

Selecting Potential Candidates

To help them select potential candidates for a job, employers often use some of the following:

  • application forms

  • online application forms

  • CVs

  • interviews

  • psychometric tests

  • test centres

  • presentations


The methods of advertising and of selecting potential candidates for the job obviously depends on the type of vacancy: it is highly unlikely that a vacant position of Company Executive will be advertised in a local shop window, just as it is unlikely that an advert will be placed in a national newspaper to recruit an assistant for the local corner shop.  Likewise, you are unlikely to undergo a psychometric test for a job doing a milk round, just as you are unlikely to gain recruitment with the Police Force without at least an interview!

You should keep an eye out in the appropriate places for a specific job coming up e.g. shop windows, local job centres and local press for less skilled jobs with local companies.

You should also be ready to be asked to submit/complete what is required for candidate selection.  An up-to-date CV is essential, but so too is practising regularly and honing your interview technique, for example.