Application Forms

 Guide for Filling out an Application Form

Applying for most jobs involves filling in an application form.  Increasingly, these are available for completion online.

Application Forms

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– Read the instructions carefully.

– If possible, photocopy the application form and practise completing it before you fill in the real form.

– Make sure you have plenty of time to fill in the application form.

Filling in the application form

– Keep the form clean and unfolded.

– Use a black pen and write your answers clearly and neatly.

– If appropriate, word-process your answers.

– Follow the instructions exactly. For example, use block capitals if asked to do so.

– Answer all questions that apply to you. Keep your answers short and to the point.

– If questions do not apply to you mark the section with N/A.

– Make sure you include any relevant experience and always give examples.

– Use the person specification to focus your answers if the questions are not specific.

– Make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.

– Make sure to answer all the appropriate questions.

– If allowed, attach a separate piece of paper to list additional skills and experience.

And finally...

– Check all your answers carefully and make sure that all dates listed are correct.

– Use a C4 envelope to return the application form. This is suitable for an A4 document without any folding.

– Make sure you have enough postage on the envelope.

– Take a photocopy of the completed application form for your own records.

– Make sure you complete the equal opportunities form and return it with your application.

– Ensure the application form is returned to the employer before the closing date.

– If required, include a cover letter. The cover letter is an opportunity to introduce yourself and

your interest in the job.

Online application forms


– Presentation is still important in online format, so ensure you present your information in a professional manner.

– Make sure your grammar and spelling are correct. Do not use text or email language.

Be prepared

– If possible, download a copy of the online application form and save it.

– Type your answers in a Word document before you complete the online application form.

– Read your responses carefully before you cut and paste them into the online application form.

– Check all the information is correct before you send the application form.

– Save a copy of your completed application form.

Be careful

– Do not click the wrong button, or you could send an incomplete application form to the employer.

– Allow plenty of time to complete the application form.

– Servers and computers can crash so make sure you complete and send your application form well

before the closing date.

– If you have to log on to a website to complete an application form, there might be a time limit after

which your connection expires.


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