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Parents should notify the school of any medical requirements or allergies that their child may have. Wherever possible, where a child requires medication, it is better if this is provided outside of school hours. In cases where it is necessary that the child receives medication during school hours, parents should contact the school to make appropriate arrangements. School staff are under no obligation to give medicines to pupils and staff will advise parents of local arrangements. Where appropriate, schools will support parents in helping children and young people learn the life skills which allow them to manage their own healthcare needs.

Minor accidents are dealt with by the school’s qualified first aider. If a pupil takes ill or has an accident at school which requires that they be sent home or for treatment, the school will provide first aid and contact parents or carers. So it is very important that the school has contact details for all parents or carers and an additional contact person in case parents or carers can’t be reached. This information should be kept up to date. The school will not send students home from school unaccompanied.

In the event of a serious illness or accident, a member of staff will accompany the child to a doctor or hospital and parents or carers will be notified immediately.

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