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Homework is an integral part of learning and teaching. It provides the opportunity for the development of self reliance, self discipline, self confidence and participation in taking responsibility for learning by your child.

It also strengthens the link between home and school in providing an opportunity for parents and carers to share in the learning process.

Trinity High School has a homework policy based on Renfrewshire Council’s policy and guidance. You can request a copy of this policy from the school office.

Homework helps in the consolidation, revision and extension of classwork and provides pupils with an opportunity to develop responsibility for unsupervised work.

The regular setting of homework helps to form good habits of work which will bear fruit as pupils progress through the Broad General Education from First to Third Years and move into the Senior Phase of the curriculum from S4 – S6.

For these reasons the school has a policy of regular homework exercises. While the amount, the frequency and the kind of homework will vary according to the subject and the stage of the course, a very rough guide would be that pupils in the Senior Phase, preparing for National Qualifications’ examinations should expect homework at least once a week from subjects, while pupils in First to Third Year should expect homework no less than an average of once every two weeks.

If a regular pattern of failure to do homework is seen to be developing, then parents are informed by letter; on the other hand, parents who are concerned about any aspect of homework should not hesitate to bring this to the notice of the teachers, who will be glad to discuss the problem.

New Student Handbooks have been issued to all students. In response to pupil feedback they have been customised to suit S1-S3 (Broad General Education) and S4-S6 (Senior Phase).

All students will be able to access SMHW using their glow username and password. Parents will be issued with an information letter containing their own password so that they can access their child’s tasks with due dates. SMHW can be accessed on any PC and the App can be downloaded on any tablet or smart device. PC’s in the school library are also available for pupils to use.

The use of SMHW should allow pupils to take responsibility for their learning and manage their time effectively whilst allowing parents the facility to support their child’s work.

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