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Pupils can log in to Glow at:

Click here to access a guide to using SMHW for parents and careers.

A quick video guide for learners to show them how to log into glow can be viewed here:

Information about Glow for parents and carers can be found here:

Some of our learners with additional needs may require support to access materials online. This video highlights some accessibility tools that can help learners with reading, writing, visual and hearing needs:

Along with computers, smartphones and tablets, Glow can be accessed on an Xbox or PlayStation console if you have internet access. See this quick guide on how to set this up:

Please remember that password details for Glow should not be shared with anyone. For advice on passwords and more information on the Glow Community Rules, please visit:

Show My Homework (Satchel:One)

As many of our pupils and parents are already familiar with our online platform Show My Homework, all work will be issued via this method in the first instance.

Pupils access SMHW by logging on to their Glow account and SMHW tile will be on the launch pad.

Alternatively, the SMHW App can be downloaded on to any mobile device. Please be careful on your first visit and log in using Glow. For pupils there is no separate password required.

You can also access Show My Homework on a games console. Watch this short video to find out how:

SMHW For Parents

Most Parents/carers will know their PIN CODE; however, if you have forgotten then please contact the school.

Alternatively, your child can now access their Parent Code on their Profile Page. When a pupil signs in and clicks on Account Settings, beside their profile picture and on the bottom right hand of screen you will see an option to find the Parent Code.

All work issued can be viewed on the Whole School calendar which can be accessed using the link on this page.

Microsoft Teams

Some staff may use Teams as a way to communicate with pupils.  They will provide a code for pupils to join a specific team. This message will be given via SMHW Tasks. The teacher will communicate with pupils directly to help.

Microsoft has produced a helpful guide for parents and carers: Distance Learning with Microsoft 365 Guide for Parents and Carers

Moorfoot Primary School in Gourock has produced a very helpful YouTube playlist of video guides on Teams for parents and pupils which you can view here:

How Should Work Be Submitted?

Teachers may offer tasks with some self-assessment; however the default setting is currently set for Online Submission. Your teacher will direct you to the work that will be required to be submitted. Click on the tab Submit and there is space for written answers or the facility to attach a document or upload a file.

If you have an iPhone, there is a very handy way to use your phone as a scanner:

  • Go to “Notes” and press the camera button.
  • Select ‘Scan Documents’.
  • Lay out the pages you want to scan.
  • Scan the pages and they will all be saved as one PDF file (easier than images to upload to SMHW, etc.).

Chromebook Users

How to log-in to and use a chromebook?

If you have been provided with a school chromebook and need some guidance on their use, the following document is a quick start guide:

School Chromebooks Quick Guide

This downloadable image provides a useful guide to some timesaving keyboard shortcuts: Chromebook Shortcuts

How do I use a WIFI dongle?

If you need some guidance on how to use a WIFI dongle, the following guide provides a how to:

Connecting to a School Dongle

Useful Wellbeing Resources

Action for Happiness

Action for Happiness offer lots of advice about how to stay happy and take action to improve mental health including the Action for Happiness app.

CAMHS Resources

The CAMHS Resources website pools together lots of helpful resources from across the internet available to help support mental health and well-being.

Living Life to the Full

Living Life to the Full for Young People is a free course that aims to help learn key life skills that can boost your mood and help you turn the corner.

Health and Wellbeing

These social education resources are relating to UNICEF’s Rights Respecting School Award and are being made available to raise awareness of the articles of the UNCRC. It is hoped that as we progress on our journey towards achieving the RRSA our pupils and staff will become more familiar with Children’s Rights.

Article of the Week 24-28

Article of the Week(Rest and Play)

Article of the Week(Holocaust Memorial)

Article of the Week(Internet Safety)

Article of the Week(Women International Day)

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