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A Fond Farewell

This term has seen a number of staff retire, from Matt and James our wonderful janitors who retired in January; Mhairi the Head of our Kitchen staff along with two very much valued members of her team, Charlotte and Susan; Carol our fantastic Head of Cleaning staff for over 25 years; Mr Aitken who has given an amazing 37 years service to the school; to our Headteacher, Mrs Renfrew, who after today will pass on the baton to Mr Marshall, our new Head who joins Trinity High School after Easter.

The contribution of each and every one of them to the school community has been immense and along with Robert Allison, our Head Technician who sadly passed away in January, they will be sorely missed.

The school community wishes them well and hopes they all enjoy a happy, peaceful, relaxing and well-deserved retirement.

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