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Medic Insight Applications

Medic Insight Glasgow aims to provide a route to medical work experience that is fair and accessible to all.  The organisation runs a week long programme that includes experience in a clinical setting and workshops run by current medical students.  Medic Insight offers a work experience programme for S5 pupils, allowing them to gain greater understanding of the reality of a career in medicine.  It offers programmes for S4 and S5 students hoping to study Medicine.

To find out more, sign up to the Medic Insight Facebook page, or visit where you can find out about the various programmes on offer in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee.

Medic Insight Glasgow Week Programmes 2018

Medic Insight Glasgow Week Programmes 2018 will be open from Monday 19th until Sunday 25th February. The application will consist of a number of questions on a Google Form, the link for which will be posted on the Facebook page on Monday 19th February, along with instructions at the time. The application process is NOT first come first serve, so you can take your time throughout that week to complete the form, rather than rushing on day one!

A few points to make note of:
1) This event is for current S5 students only. Our S4 day event will be advertised at a later date.
2) Your school address, phone number, and office email address will be required.
3) You will be asked to submit the name and contact email address of a teacher at your school (see your Pastoral Teacher). This contact will be used to confirm details of your application and provide a reference if necessary, so please ensure you have these details before completing the form. Please use your teacher’s own work email rather than the school office email if possible so there are no issues if we try to get in touch.
4) Your 5th year practice exam grades will be required for your application. If your practicegrades have not been returned to you by the end of the application week, you may use predicted grades provided by your teachers (these will be confirmed with the contact teacher you provide).
5) When filling out your application, please carefully read the instructions provided and abide by these to ensure your application can be properly marked.

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