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Former ESOL Student Returns To Offer Career Advice

Former ESOL Student Returns to Offer Career Advice

Our S2 – S4 ESOL pupils were delighted to receive a visit from former pupil, Roland Sacrez, yesterday as part of S2 Careers Week.

Roland provided useful advice about post-school life, especially with a view to going to college or University, and gave an account of his journey from arriving in S4 as a French speaker with limited English to his present role as a Second Year Maths Student at Strathclyde University.

Roland emphasized the need to work hard at gaining a sufficient level of English first so as to help cope with the rigours of student life, especially in understanding lectures.

A very bright boy at school, Roland’s progress from school to University was slower than it would have been had he been working in his native language, but his journey provides an excellent example of how making such sacrifices to make sure that usage and understanding of English are developed far enough to cope within your new environment.  This journey meant leaving school after S6 and going to college to study Higher ESOL and gain further qualifications in Maths and Physics.  The two years Roland spent at college allowed him to successfully gain entry to the Maths course at Strathclyde University that he had set his hopes on back in S6.

Roland made many sacrifices including studying for additional subjects on his own and returning to Trinity to sit the exams.

It has all been very worthwhile as Roland is now well on is way to achieving his career goal in a high level Maths-related occupation.

As always, it was an absolute pleasure to welcome back one of our many successful former ESOL pupils and Roland provided a fine example of the rewards that hard work, patience, endeavour and setting clear paths with obtainable career goals can lead to.

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