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Upcoming Scholar Sessions

Upcoming Scholar Sessions

The final SCHOLAR online sessions for this academic year focusing on exam preparation will take place in the week commencing 9th May.

The sessions include:

  • Monday 9th May: National 5 Maths (6.00pm); Higher Modern Languages (7.30pm).
  • Tuesday 10th May: Higher Math (6.00pm); Advanced Higher Modern Languages (7.30pm).
  • Wednesday 18th May: Higher Computing Science (7.00pm).

Full details can be found on the SCHOLAR website.

The Tutors will also be online to answer student questions on the discussion boards. Details can be found here.

Online Maths tutor, Margaret Ferguson, recorded a short audio file crammed with top tips for Higher Maths revision and exam preparation. It’s linked on the front page of the SCHOLAR website.

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