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Resources to Help Learn at Home!

With the school closed because of the measures taken to combat the spread of COVID-19, we are putting together a collection of resources and activities to help carers/parents to provide learning experiences for our pupils.  These contain links to subject-related resources, but also resources to enjoy learning experiences which would probably not be provided in our day-to-day classrooms.  Along with these, we will provide materials to help maintain good health and wellbeing.

At Home Learning Timetables

Please click the button and read our Guide to At Home Learning which helps:

  • explain how pupil work will be issued;
  • show how work can be submitted;
  • offer some structure to your child’s learning as we move forward in our subjects.

As explained in the guide, the timetables below offer a structure that pupils can follow if they wish. We wish to emphasise this is not normal times and all we ask is that pupils try their best.  If you cannot follow the programme suggested on a particular day then choose tasks you can do and then try and follow the suggestions the next day.

Useful Resources


Teachers are continuing to place learning activities on Show My Homework.  You can view this here.

Check out this useful guide to logging into Show My Homework via Glow and also the app (courtesy of Duncan MacLean’s Iamlittle Tech Blog).

Microsoft Teams

Some teachers are using Microsoft Teams to provide learning activities for their classes.  Teams can be accessed by signing into Glow.  Teams can also be downloaded to smartphones.

Check out this great guide to Teams for carers/parents (courtesy of Peterhead Academy) which you can download and print.


As well as proving news updates, our Twitter profile @Trinityrenfrew is posting learning activities and links to resources.


From Education Scotland, the various sets of resources on the @DigiLearnScot Wakelet page may prove useful.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize has a wealth of resources – which they are increasing at this time – for Primary, Secondary and Post-16 learners.

BBC Scotland

BBC Scotland has a fantastic resource full of learning projects on their Learn at BBC Scotland web page.