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Assessment is an integral part of learning and teaching. It helps provide a picture of the learner’s progress and achievements, and identifies the next steps in learning.

Assessment includes supporting learning, learner engagement and ensuring appropriate support.

Tracking learners’ progress

Information on learners’ progress is gathered through planned assessments and this information is recorded. This allows teachers to have a clear picture of how learners are progressing. It will also allow teachers to identify next steps in learning and inform reporting on progress and achievement.


Regular reports to parents provide clear, positive and constructive information about their child’s learning and progress, reflecting on what has been achieved against standards and expectations.


Profiles will be used to recognise pupils’ progress in learning and achievement, while supporting and informing transitions. As children reach the end of primary school (primary 7) and young people their broad general education at the end of S3, they will record their most recent and relevant learning and achievements in a personal profile which will also incorporate a reflective statement by the learner.

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