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Trinity High is proud to have achieved the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Bronze: Rights Committed Award. We are now working towards gaining the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Silver: Rights Aware Award. Trinity High School was the first Fairtrade School in Scotland. The school supports many local and national charities, and is extremely proud of its partnership with the Association of People with Disability (APD) in Bangalore, which was established through its substantial fundraising efforts for SCIAF. In recognition of its environmental work the school gained an Eco-Schools Bronze and  Silver Award.

The school’s Pastoral system is organised into four houses. These are St Andrew’s House, St Columba’s House, St Margaret’s House and St Therese House. Each house has a house assembly once a month. Each house also has two house captains who put themselves forward for interview. Each house is fronted by one teacher, who acts as a Pastoral Teacher to all of the pupils in that house.

The School currently offers courses through the following departments and faculties: Design and Technologies (including Art and Technical), English, Health and Wellbeing (including Physical Education and Home Economics), ICT, Learning Support (including ESOL and Community Involvement course), Maths, Music, Modern Languages, Religious Education, Sciences and Social Subjects. In addition, we provide courses and awards including Employability Psychology and Sports Leadership.


“Now that my children have left Trinity I would like to thank all staff who have helped them in any way to grow as caring, responsible young people. The support and encouragement shown to them in their studies and the values they have learned will stay with them for the rest of their lives . . . Thank you so much.”

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