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First Day Arrangements

Welcome back to our S2 to S6 pupils and students and a warm welcome to our new S1.  Below are the arrangements for the start of the term.


PERIOD 1 – Please report to the teachers as noted below:

All S1 pupils go to Assembly Hall for 8.50am


Class Teacher
2-1 A Dunleavy
2-2 M MacNeill
2-3 C Duggan
2-4 P McCafferty
2-5 S McAllister


Class Teacher
3-1 A McCulley
3-2 C A McLaren
3-3 M McVey
3-4 L Heron


Class Teacher
4-1 B Kelly
4-2 A Sethi
4-3 M McCafferty
4-4 M Lesko
4-5 J Livingston


Report to Dining Hall – To assist:    L Prentice   C Kerr



Report to Social Area – To assist:    I Aitken        A  Alam


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