Head Teacher: Mrs Renfrew

Address: Glebe Street, Renfrew PA4 8TP

Telephone: 0141 886 6121

Fax: 0141 885 0694

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Our pupils and staff have been working hard in preparation for our school show, The Sound of Music, which takes places in June.  Ticket information will be announced shortly.

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Parental Consultation

Within Trinity High School we are keen to hear the Parents/Carers are being asked their views on the school as part of the cycle of consultation the school completes every few years. Please click on the link below and it will take you straight to the consultation. It should take no more than 15 minutes…



Trinity High School is a denominational secondary school in the town of Renfrew, Scotland.  The Head Teacher is Mrs Renfrew. She is assisted by three Deputy Head Teachers: Mrs Haddow, Mr Hutchison & Mrs McElroy. Each member of the Senior Management team has year group responsibility. In the most recent inspection report published in May 2011, HMIe deemed the overall quality of education in Trinity High School to be very good, noting as particular strengths of the school:

  • Polite, motivated young people committed to service for others;
  • Strong caring ethos firmly based on a community of faith;
  • Outstanding leadership of the headteacher;
  • Leadership at all levels contributing to school improvement;
  • The approach to developing young people’s citizenship skills;
  • Partnerships to support young people’s learning.

The attainment of Trinity High School pupils and students in Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) National Qualifications is most often higher than comparator schools and the national average.